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What’s My Score?


What is CITIL?

Credit Information of Tenants In Leased-acco (CITIL) is Colive's algorithm to score tenants based on their payment history. It is a potential industry-level scoring platform that determines the creditworthiness of tenants for all leasing evaluations.

How is CITIL calculated?

Your CITIL score is calculated based on your timely payment behaviour, as reflected in the Colive app and website. It is the percentage of the amount paid against the amount mentioned in your invoice with the defined timeline. It ranges between 0-900, and a score above 750 is generally considered optimal. Part-payment and delayed payments will significantly impact your CITIL score.

How can I improve my CITIL score?

Making full payment before the due date is the best way to have a healthy CITIL score. In case of a dispute of invoice amount, it is best to pay first and then raise the dispute to avoid a negative impact on your CITIL score.

How does a low CITIL score impact me?

If your CITIL Score is persistently low, it can result in a higher security deposit and higher rent.